NFL Week 12 Reaction with Jake Tapper | LIVE | 11/27/23 | The Dan Le Batard Show w/ Stugotz

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[0:00-1:32] Live stream wait screen

[1:34-2:41] Hype pre-roll

[2:42-4:19] HBO Max debut, crowdfunding

[4:20-9:38] Patriots continue to collapse

[9:39-14:07] Ziplining into football

[14:08-20:47] NFL Playoffs preview

[20:48-26:15] No bathroom breaks, Jason Garrett’s Smile

[26:16-32:58] Break

[32:59-46:05] Jake Tapper, Eagles OT win

[46:06-47:07] Break

[47:08-54:27] Panthers Coach fired, announcer euphemisms

[54:28-59:35] Jim Irsay’s controversal tweets