The Aaron Rodgers Achilles Conspiracy |LIVE at 9am EST | 11/7/23 | The Dan Le Batard Show w/ Stugotz

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[0:00-4:16] Live stream pre-roll

[4:17-10:33] Fun in Germany

[10:34-13:46] Overbooking guests

[13:47-21:59] Aaron Rodgers unreal recovery

[22:00-25:36] Miami Heat mascot fall

[25:37-28:12] Is LeBron immortal?

[28:13-29:34] Break

[29:35-34:24] Sobriety inquiry

[34:25-41:50] Can the Dolphins beat ‘good’ teams?

[41:51-43:01] Break

[43:02-47:31] Delegating responsibilities

[47:32-49:50] Heat Culture court

[49:51-51:27] Old man takes

[51:28-56:30] Inter-Miami award ceremony/match

Dan, Stugotz & Greg Cote in Studio, Mike EP Roy, Billy, Chris, and Tony in the Shipping Container

[5:09-5:51] Technical difficulty