Viva Mas Vegas Day 2 w/ Sebastian Maniscalco, Carrot Top, and Domonique Foxworth | Le Batard Show

Join The Dan Le Batard Show live from Las Vegas for our coverage from Super Bowl week. We had two legendary comedians Sebastian Maniscalco and Carrot Top show up to the event. Sebastian talks about his new show ‘Bookie,’ his residency in Las Vegas, and what it is like acting with Robert De Niro playing his father, and more. Carrot Top talks about his giant quest this week to try to get Super Bowl tickets, his historic Vegas residency, and more. Then we preview the weekend’s big game.


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[0:00-6:21] Ju-pardy

[6:22-11:35] JuJu Hype-up, Cast introductions

[11:36-13:30] Welcome to the show!

[13:31-17:47] Comeback player of the year

[17:48-20:20] Today’s guest list

[20:21-26:01] Getting punched, Mike’s DJ set

[26:02-28:20] "My Day"

[28:21-40:39] Domonique Foxworth interview

[40:40-42:14] "Viva Greg Cote"

[42:15-48:08] Flair bartending

[48:09-1:05:16] Sebastian Maniscalco interview

[1:05:17-1:12:20] Back in my Day: Vegas

[1:12:21-1:20:46] Highest highs & lowest lows

[1:20:47-1:24:57] Top 5 Vegas acts, Greg’s stories

[1:24:58-1:26:44] "New York, New York"

[1:26:45-1:30:59] Fan Quiz

[1:31:00-1:43:30] Carrot Top interview

[1:43:31-1:46:46] "Puka Nacua", Greatest Hits album

[1:46:47-1:49:40] "Thank you!"

[1:49:41-1:59:14] Super Bowl predictions

[1:59:15-2:05:56] "Lovely Cruise" "King of the Road"

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