About The Show

Stugotz would like to welcome you to the merchandising arm of this ramshackle operation. He would like to … but, unfortunately, he wouldn’t do so without a hefty appearance fee. So that leaves it to me to explain our pioneering new approach to sales, which involves you sending us money and us sending you some sort of fabric or a coffee mug.

Our army of accountants have demanded that I do the only form of writing I do these days to reach and manipulate you with our unusual story so that we may extract dollars from your account and put it in theirs. Initially, the merch store was invented because Disney wasn’t paying anyone in the shipping container enough and we had to crowdsource supplements in the form of embarrassing online begging.

Our community rose up to not only provide a reasonable wage and move us beyond words but to also allow us to graduate to the secret aspirational nirvana of every sports media entity — Profound Corporate Greed. Ah, I’m kidding, of course. It wasn’t ever a reasonable wage.

Regardless, thank you for supporting us, this store and our story. If you are here, it is because you are a member of one of the most avid and loyal communities ever found in the sports-media space. We are confused and delighted that you exist. Your fervor is our fuel. Your support moves us daily and allows us a flexibility and authenticity most people in our position don’t and can’t have in a shrinking and compromised media business. It also keeps the content free in more ways than one.

So thank you for that, profoundly and forever. And thank you for being so entrenched inside our weird club that you would wear your support on your bodies … so that others could more readily see what you usually keep in your heart. But enough of the syrupy stuff. Go buy stuff. Stugotz’s appearances fees aren’t getting any smaller.