Damian Lillard is Staying in Portland?! | LIVE at 9 am | The Dan LeBatard Show w/ Stugotz

Stu went to 6 Grateful Dead shows in 9 nights, and he looks better than ever. David and Stu share their polar opposite experiences with mushrooms. Then, Mike Ryan steps forward for a segment to discuss the most recent reports on Damian Lillard and some more thoughts on how the UM baseball coaching search worked out. Plus, we rehash David’s celebration over taking advantage of Bob Ross and Mike is hustling backward.


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[00:00-10:52] – Live Wait Screen
[10:53-25:18] Stugotz and Aaron Rodgers are Kindred Spirits and Shroom Talk
[25:19-44:49] – Damian Lillard is Staying in Portland?!
[44:50-59:21] – Mike on Miami Baseball Coaching Search
[59:22-1:15:38] – David Samson’s Fears & Hialeah not picking up 911 calls.


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