How the Media Continues to Delay the Damian Lillard Trade Negotiations | The Dan LeBatard Show

Dan wants to talk the Marlins, but does anyone else? The NFL is back and the crew wonders if Sunday Ticket moving to YouTube will change how we consume football. Then, it’s Papi’s birthday, the Canes are going BOGO on tickets, Amin is the Stephen A. of Meadowlark, the Damian Lillard trade saga continues, and we want to help some pets.


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[0:00-8:40] Live stream wait screen

[8:41-16:30] Marlins squeeze into third Wild Card slot

[16:31-23:17] Difficulty following sports with streaming

[23:18-26:09] Happy 80th Birthday Papi, covid brain

[26:10-38:41] UM’s ticket packages mocked after bad season

[38:42-41:50] Amin working a lot, Dan is still healing

[41:51-46:20] ESPN radio downplays Heat’s success

[46:21-49:37] Miami-Dade Animal Services needs help

[49:38-54:14] Stugotz improving himself as a favor

[54:15-1:07:14] Miami has terrible traffic and rude people