Ichiro Memorabilia, Hot Dog Cannons, & Pablo Torre Hates the Sphere | The Dan LeBatard Show

Pablo Torre talks about David Samson’s custom-made basement that has exactly what you thought it would. Samson has cornered the market on a specific baseball players memorabilia. There’s also been an update about the Michael Rubin 4th of July party bathroom situation. Plus, are you a FIFO, MIFO or LIFO?


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[00:00-04:21] – Wait Screen
[04:22-09:23] – Dan is worried about missing the show.
[09:24-13:22] – Substitute teacher vibes, Michael Rubin’s White Party Update
[13:23-21:53] – Ichiro Memorabilia Stories
[21:54-38:12] – The Bathroom Situation at Rubin’s Party
[38:13-49:15] – Hot Dog & T-Shirt Cannons
[49:16-01:00:00] – Pablo Hates the Las Vegas Sphere


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