LIVE at 9am EST | 11/16/23 | The Dan Le Batard Show w/ Stugotz

Comedian Brad Williams joins the show today…as does Lucy, who was shamed back into the studio after taking a couple of days off for self-care. Also, do you like street poets? Plus, the Useless Sound Montage barely makes in time.


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The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


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[0:00-5:02] Live stream wait screen

[5:03-6:10] Hype Preroll

[6:11-9:25] Poetry, Tua’s cornrows

[9:26-16:06] Unusual strom hitting Florida

[16:07-18:43] Who still reads?

[18:44-29:20] Heat turn around rough start

[29:21-32:15] Break

[32:16-34:40] Winds scaring Dan and Brad

[34:41-40:43] Week 10 Useless Sound Montage

[40:44-45:18] Patriots’ lose confidence in Mac Jones

[45:19-48:27] Break

[48:28-1:01:45] Cruelty of internet’s anonymity


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