The Next Step in Damian Lillard Trade Talks | The Dan LeBatard Show w/ Stugotz | LIVE

Dan feels like he’s going crazy because of being sucked into a Heat Twitter controversy over being a mouthpiece for the Heat. Stugotz shares his pride in Bradley Beal and says Damian Lillard needs to want it more. We recap where Heat Twitter all began, analyze Stugotz’s casino gambling, and introduce the show to El Amin Hassan alongside David Wells, Jer Bear, and Greg Cote. Then, Stu’s love of baseball has died, but Dan and Jeremy believe baseball has been fixed, and Dan receives his actual mouthpiece. Plus, Mike Schur is here to make a team out of players who “look like baseball” and talk about the Writers Strike.


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[00:00-06:34] – Wait Screen
[06:35-11:04] – Stu’s Checkmate w/ Dan
[11:05-20:35] – Next Step For Damian Lillard Trade?
[20:36-23:54] – Jeremy Dragged into Depths of Heat Twitter
[23:55-27:31] – Black Jack Strategy & Insurance?
[27:32-36:34] – Stephen A’s Amin Mispronunciation
[36:35-54:40] – Stu’s out on the Mets and Marlins Talk
[54:41-01:08:19] – Mike Schur on the WGA & SAG-AFTRA Strikes


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