Why Josh Allen Isn’t Great | LIVE at 9am EST | 11/14/23 | The Dan Le Batard Show w/ Stugotz

Billy is ruling with an iron fist, so Greg Cote has his hand in a jar of mayo and Jeremy is the show’s waiter today, and for some reason he has a bad New York (?) accent. The Bills and Broncos Monday Night Football game has the crew asking some questions like: Is Russell Wilson back to being a Hall of Famer? Does Josh Allen indeed have a stupid face? Has the Bills Super Bowl window closed? Plus, Greg has a Dolphins prediction, Joe Burrow goes to The Show-Me State, Damian Lillard continues to struggle in Milwaukee, and Chris Cote is done with jeans.

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[0:00-1:19] Live stream wait screen

[1:20-2:29] Hype pre-roll

[2:30-6:31] Grid of Death punishments

[6:32-18:04] Bronco’s shock win over Bills

[18:05-25:58] Is the window closed?

[25:59-29:10] Break

[29:11-37:35] Damian Lillard underperforming

[37:36-41:27] Jeans and pant sizes

[41:28-42:25] Break

[42:26-50:42] Pants vs Shorts, tipping

[50:43-55:30] Greg Cote Tuesday